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新着求人 毒性
募集職種 外資製薬企業にて 毒性/病理におけるスタッフ職もしくは、ノンラインマネージャー/兵庫 求人(11486)
勤務地 兵庫
会社概要 非公開
求人要件 ・Responsible for non-clinical safety evaluations of multiple projects in accordance with all applicable guidelines/regulations in close cooperation with other sites
・Precise evaluation of toxicology/pathology data (in vitro and in vivo) and support of clinical trials/ investigators in Japan
・Close interaction with peer functions
・Follow-up on current science and technology in toxicology/pathology and establish a network of experts in Japan

(Must experience for Manager level)
・Preparation and peer review of high quality regulatory submission documents
・Preparation of briefing documents and questions for PMDA consultation (inquiries, written/F2F)
・Leading interactions with Japanese regulatory agency
・Contributing to global safety-related activities within Duties & Responsibilities

(Not must)
・Reading tissue slides and write concise pathology reports of non-GLP/GLP toxicity studies using the pathology data entry system
・Assessments for occupational exposure limits (OELs) and permitted daily exposure (PDE) values for (pre-)development compounds and approved API and advice to employees
必要要件 【必須事項】

JSTP 日本毒性病理学会(欧米:毒性病理学専門家認定)
JCVP 日本獣医病理学会(欧米:JCVP会員資格認定)
JSOT 日本毒性学会(欧米:認定トキシコロジスト)
年収 700万円~1200万円 経験により応相談
募集背景 非公開
エントリー登録     お問い合わせ
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